9-2370 kVA generator sets
  • Engines: Perkins, Iveco, Doosan and Weichai
  • Type: open, canopy, container, chassis
Easyin use
and maintenance
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  • 8,4 kVA 6,7 KW
  • 80,0 kVA 64,0 KW
  • 250,0 kVA 200,0 KW
  • 600,0 kVA 480,0 KW
  • 1200,0 kVA 1000,0 KW
  • 2200,0 kVA 1700,0 KW


High reliability

One of the main criteria for the basic components of WattStream gensets was the high performance even in severe operating conditions; this is a fundamental reason why the engines of world's leading manufacturers (Perkins (UK), Iveco (Italy), Doosan (South Korea) and Weichai (China)) were chosen.

Tested under load

Before shipment to customers, all WattStream gensets undergo a mandatory pre-delivery inspection using an approved methodology that includes testing the genset at 100% load.

Easy to make a service

The most frequently serviced components are arranged to minimize maintenance time. The design of each enclosure provides the operator with an easy and safe access to the genset.

WattStream gensets are in high demand in construction, manufacturing, finance, engineering and other sectors.